VW Owners that love our Aluminum Billet Parts

Ben Giles


I attached a photo of the Serpentine system on our buggy.  It really does look good.  Thanks for your support. If you ever need a good word about your product, let me know."

Ben Giles

Charles Sargeant

"Mary, the new pulley and sand seal is working out great, No Leaks.  I went on a run this Sunday with several different VW clubs here in SoCal 45 VW's and had some people interested in my belt setup and I referred them to MST.  Thanks again for your and Ken's help.  MST is the best."




Not all parts are on until I put it in the car.  Will be running dual 34 ICT webers on this one and a single 44 weber on my 57" oval/ragtop.  Hope you approve!"

1SG Robert K. Maggot

USA (Ret.)