Superior VW Parts since 2003

 The year was 2003 and Kenny had been tinkering with the Dune Buggy he bought from his Grandfather for nearly ten years. This buggy, (as pictured on this site), had been built by his grandpa in 1969 and was a lot of fun to own.


As a machine shop owner, Ken was able to take some of the concepts he had been dreaming of and turn them into reality. The very first thing he tackled was a new pulley design. Sure, there were others on the market, but Ken saw an opportunity to make something better. The whole idea was to make a serpentine pulley system that looked really good and was extremely reliable.


He experimented with several different basic approaches that included bearing sizes, pulley offsets, bracket locations, etc. During this design and testing process, several people in the local Tulsa VW community, took interest in this new design. Since he still wasn’t sure of the long-term reliability, he used this as an opportunity to test his product. Several of these individuals, along with Kenny, put the kits on their VWs to see how they would perform. Within weeks the reviews were fantastic. Installation was easy; the belt ran true, NO adjustments….Everyone was happy. As a result, Ken’s innovation led to the formation of Custom Bug Products, L.L.C.


Ken continued to monitor the results of these first few kits and over the next several years, product sales were good. But only insomuch as what was communicated word-of-mouth. In order to more effectively market all his product offerings and due to the increased success of his primary company, M&M Manufacturing, Inc., he decided to invite his wife, Mary to become a business partner.


As a result, in 2007 the company was relaunched as Motorsports Tulsa, L.L.C. In the fall of that year, both Ken and Mary decided to take the opportunity to gain more product exposure through participating in the Eureka Springs VW Show as a vendor. The positive response from the participants and customers was just the beginning of many more show successes to come.


Not being one to rest on his laurels, in 2008 Ken made some significant improvements with the Serpentine Pulley System design. These included friction locking of the idler, a more reliable double-row bearing and a slightly sleeker looking appearance including the newly designed crank bolt and alternator nut. Also during this span of time, he was able to come up with more new product ideas for the VW enthusiast, such as an Alternator/Generator Stand and Oil Sump Cover Plate.


By now, MST had a good web presence, but wanted to still take the exposure on a more nationwide basis. It was in 2009, beginning at Fredericksburg, Texas, the VW show “circuit” just kept growing. One of the most significant successes they experienced during this timeframe was developing distributor relationships with several major VW retailers in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Arizona.


Recently, MST has successfully launched an international presence through a distributor within the United Kingdom. Our marketing efforts through several Social Media avenues continues to increase our exposure and help improve our business success overall. Our continuous goal at Motorsports Tulsa is to have the best aftermarket VW products on the market while setting Customer Service and Quality as Benchmarks for success!


Thank you to everyone who has help make that happen and will continue to for many years to come.

~Mary Statton